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Important Policies to Understand

The following university policies regarding external affairs guide communications and external relations at Rutgers. Members of the Rutgers community and interested parties should review and understand these policies as needed.

Use the tiles on this page to access PDFs of these important policies from the university policy library.

 Senate Chamber of New Jersey State House in Trenton, NJ
Policy 50.4.1

This policy sets the guidelines and processes for members of the Rutgers community to engage in lobbying activity officially on behalf of Rutgers with government officials.

Gate at Winants Hall Rutgers New Brunswick
Policy 60.1.31

This policy states that Rutgers faculty and staff are not permitted to accept gratuities, gifts, entertainment, or other items of value that could reasonably be perceived to influence behavior.

Rutgers advertising examples
Policy 80.1.3

The policy on Purchase of External Advertising provides guidelines to communicate with external audiences through paid commercial messages. Paid content and all advertisements must include an official Rutgers logo and are required to be reviewed.

Rutgers visual identity system
Policy 80.1.5

The Rutgers Visual Identity System defines the standards for using Rutgers' logos and other identity elements. The names, logos, marks, and symbols in the system are the only sanctioned marks for use across the university.

Winants Hall on the College Avenue campus
Policy 50.3.4

This policy states that, as an institution, Rutgers University shall be free of partisanship in its governance and conduct. The university shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign. No member of the university community shall speak or act in the name of the university in a political campaign. 

Media spot with Rutgers official
Policy 80.1.6

The Policy on Communications and Relations with the News Media states that official information from Rutgers must be released to the news media by the designated university and campus communications offices.

Rutgers trademark examples
Policy 80.1.2

The Trademark Management and Licensing Policy is implemented by the Office of Trademark Licensing to protect and promote the use of the trademarks that represent Rutgers University.

Laptop with on display
Policy 80.1.7

The university website policy governs all websites representing Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and any entities that conduct official university business or that provide official university information to its constituents.

Grad student Alice Hernandez (SMLR'18) and host Ebby Antigua rehearse on set for taping
Policy 80.1.1

Outside organizations who want to film, videotape, or photograph on the property or inside buildings of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, must follow the university guidelines referenced in policy.