Department of External Affairs

The Department of External Affairs is a multifunctional professional office based at Old Queens on Rutgers’ flagship Association for American Universities (AAU) campus in New Brunswick. Responsible for advocating on the University’s behalf with elected and other government policymakers in New Jersey and Washington, D.C., the department also oversees the entirety of Rutgers’ marketing efforts; engages the media; provides creative, web, and editorial services; positions and enhances the Rutgers University brand; and, through the use of social media, interacts with the world. The department supports the entire University system in these essential efforts, which are led by Senior Vice President of External Affairs Peter J. McDonough Jr.

Three primary offices exist within the Department of External Affairs:

In all that the department does, communicating Rutgers’ knowledge and values as a top-30 public research university and increasing the University’s prominence is paramount.

With professional staff in New Jersey and in Washington, D.C., the department is committed to effective communication and advocacy on Rutgers’ behalf.